Dawn of a New Century



Year: 1999
Universal Music Norway

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“Dawn of a New Century” diverged in several ways from the 2 previous albums. We included 2 vocal pieces on the album, which was quite exciting for a mostly instrumental group. One of the songs is performed by Fionnuala and is called “Sona” – it will be the very first time you hear her singing. The other song is called “Prayer” and is performed by the Scottish singer Karen Matheson from the group Capercaillie. Those of you who have seen the film Rob Roy will also know that she performed the beautiful lament in the film. We have also worked with vocals in sections of songs performed by the Norwegian singer Anne Karin Kaasa, and the Paris-based American singer Nikki Matheson.

A majority of the music is still instrumental – melody driven in crossover between classical and traditional – inspired by Celtic and Norwegian music. The foundation established in our two first albums – that our music is our passion and our hearts speaking – is still the essence in everything we are doing.

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