Winter Poem





Year: 2011
Universal Music Norway

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Winter Poem features all new material by Rolf Løvland, with Fionnuala Sherry’s violin as the trademark sound of the group. The repertoire is dominated by instrumental pieces, but in addition, the group has also found room for 3 new songs. Moya Brennan of the Celtic group ‘Clannad’ is a guest vocalist on “The Dream”. “We’ve wanted to work with Moya for a very long time”, says Løvland. “She performs the song with a longing and dreamy expression that gives the song a very special dimension.” Another new song, “Mary’s Lament”, has lyrics by Brendan Graham who also wrote the lyrics for “You Raise Me Up”. The song is performed by Irish singer Fionnuala Gill. “Powered By Nature”, which was Norway’s official Expo-song during last year’s exhibition in China, is sung by Espen Grjotheim and Tracey Campbell. All music is symphonically scored, arranged and produced by Rolf and performed by Secret Garden with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

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