Secret Garden China Tour 2017

Dear Secret Garden Friends in China,

We are very happy to announce our return to wonderful China! We’re really excited about this tour – it’s been 9 years since we last our last concert tour in China … and we’re really & truly looking forward to meeting our old friends and making many new friends too! We’ll be playing 10 concerts in from September 30 – October 15th in the following cities; Guangzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Dalian, Shenyang, Zhangjiagang, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

BEIJING – 2008: Secret Garden performs at Great Hall of the People on May 2, 2008 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Jun Sato/ WireImage)


Please check our tour schedule for a concert hall near you!
Looking forward to seeing and playing for you!!

Rolf’s Secret Talent

Here’s something you probably don’t know about Rolf…

A new pizza restaurant just opened up last week in Kristiansand, Norway (Rolf’s hometown) called “Rådhuscafeen”. It turns out that their most popular pizza is made from Rolf’s private recipe, aptly named ”Løvland’s Favourite”!

“Pizza has always been my passion”, says Rolf. “As a music student, I used to work weekends at a pizza restaurant. I’ve always made my own, and over the years I’ve served it to my family and friends. A friend of mine, Espen Albert, asked if I would develop my own pizza for his new restaurant. I thought it was a fun challenge to write down what has only existed in my head and create a proper recipe. I’ve always tried to sneak into Italian kitchens and pick up some secrets and ideas over the years – especially when we’ve toured and worked in various studios with Secret Garden”.

Rådhuscafeen’s proprietor Espen Albert was delighted saying, “The response on the opening week has been phenomenal. Everybody loves Rolf’s pizza and we just can’t make enough. Rolf has always been 120 percent committed to everything he’s doing – and his pizza is no different”.

Secret Garden to Perform at Opening Q42 Concert

Secret Garden has been given the honour of performing at the inaugural opening concert for the brand new Q42 Entertainment and Conference centre in Kristiansand, Norway on January 8th 2017.

The Q42 concert hall features state-of-the-art sound, lighting and AV with LED-screens covering 72 square meters (236,3 feet).

For those who wish to attend this landmark concert, tickets can be purchased HERE.

There is a Facebook Event page as well!!

Welcome To Our New Web Site!

With so many of our fans accessing our internet site from tablets and smart phones, it was finally time to rebuild our much loved web site to be compatible with viewing on these devices. The web site was originally built in 1997, then upgraded in 2002. This was pre-web 2.0, pre-smart phone, Facebook, YouTube  –  and already our site was loaded with 2-way fan communication, interactive album covers, streaming video and rich media. So, now you can visit us on whichever device you may choose (including desktop computers). We have kept some familiar elements from the old site so you will all feel at home – only with simpler and easier access.

We hope that you, our loyal fans who have supported for over 20 years now feel at home on our new homepage!!

New Partners

Valley Entertainment USA and Secret Garden have joined forces and for the first time all our products are available from the one source and can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the world.

To launch this partnership we are delighted to have three different products which can be bundled together or separately whichever way you choose.

Our first live CD’ “Live at Kilden”, our first Live DVD in 20 years! “Live at Kilden” and our first book!! “You Raise Me Up – The Story Of Secret Garden” written by Rolf and Fionnuala!!

These are all new Secret Garden products close to our hearts and for that reason we chosen to launch this new era and partnership with Valley Entertainment, especially the live DVD and CD as they were performed and recorded only 7 months after Fionnuala broke both her arms and where there was grave doubt that she might ever perform again.

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