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Posted December 16th, 6:17 am

Secret Garden

What a blast!
From the heat of Hainan inaugural Film Festival to the sub temperatures of Beijing. Performing at a live TV show, which was broadcast throughout the continent, and experiencing the red carpet treatment was a blast. And even Nicolas Cage was in the front row.
Beijing audience gave us a huge warm welcome that dispelled every cold we were experiencing!
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Would love to see you perform in San Francisco Bay Area !!!

Nicolas... arrange a US tour for Secret Garden!

their music is awesome.,...I have all their albums..if you have never listened to them, please sample their music and give them a try, you will love them!!!

Again...muted! Facebook is really getting to be a pain in the rearend!! They're muting all the music that gets posted here!

sorry cannot hear anything?


Why is it muted? Love Secret Garden.

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Posted December 11th, 9:02 am

Secret Garden

More memories from Hangzhou and Suzhou. Fell in love with these gorgeous children who auditioned especially for our show❤️ Fantastic staff at the Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre 🙏🏼 ... See MoreSee Less


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REALLY HAPPY to see you in Hangzhou after 10 years. It's a fabulous concert and it's so exciting in such a snowy night. When Rolf thanked me for the WeChat public account we've been running, I was TOTALLY thrilled and could hardly say a word....Have you got the clipped video we made? I sent to Jennifer of Arcadia last night, and hope you would have a look, to share our joy. We are now looking forward to your next China tour....MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

My video is muted😔 Facebook is doing that lately either for copyright issues or country licensing!

Looking and sounding great Fionnuala ××

Vakre toner fra Hangzhou👍 Minner om vinteren 2001 da vi hentet vår kjære Tiril på barnehjem der❤️❤️


Beautiful 😘😘

last night i saw your performance in Beijing, it's really great, I love your new album. Hope that you guys will come soon in the next year in Beijing.

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Posted December 8th, 8:08 am

Secret Garden

More cities- more concerts. Thank you Zhongshan and Shanghai! Amazing audience🙏🏼🎶 ... See MoreSee Less


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Yuktesh Ji - next time you are in China? :-)

America, upstate NY please

Been waiting decades for an Australian tour!

British Columbia, Canada please Secret Garden.🙏❤️

I have been such a huge fan of Secret Garden for 20 years. Ever since a co-worker gave me a CD "Dawn of a New Century". They are my number 1 on my play list and they always will be. I'm still waiting on an American tour.

My husband and I flew from North Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts to see you-please come back! We will come to you wherever you perform in the States OR how about the theater in Ephesus, Turkey?

Come to Argentina!!!

Yes Wayne Webster

Thank you for continuing your live performances. Wish I could be there. Blessings

Bella música!

secret garden brengt heel mooie gevoelige muziek ! I love it !

Love their music . It touches my heart.

Du er kjempe rå Stephen . Klem fra Barbamamma

Thanks for the wonderful show last night.

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Posted December 6th, 11:54 am

Secret Garden

Some memories from our first concert in Fushon. Also first time to perform there. New beautiful 2 month old theatre! Lovely audience & really warm welcome.👏😃🎻🎹 #chinatour2018 ... See MoreSee Less


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Wish you would come to Dallas!!

I wish we could meet with all of you in Taiwan!

This looks like a beautiful place! Good luck with the tour! You'll be great, as always❣

Please come back to the United States!

I hope someday you venture as far as Australia.

Thanks so much for sharing ♥️. Glad it’s going well. Looking forward to more shares.

I love you guys so much. Wish I was European 😭 that place looked beautiful

Maravillosa música,,

Sorry guys it has to be the UK next, but I will put you on the recommended list to SG

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Posted December 3rd, 1:30 pm

Secret Garden

On route to China for our Christmas Secret Garden Tour . Check out the logo on my new #jacobwinter violin case ! Love it 😃🎻🎹 ... See MoreSee Less

On route to China for our Christmas Secret Garden Tour . Check out the logo on my new #jacobwinter violin case ! Love it 😃🎻🎹


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Warmly welcome to China! Wish you all a happy and joyful Christmas tour here. 😄

Have a safe and fantastic tour! I know they love you there! ❤ We love you too❣

Precioso...!!! Good Shows...!!!

Best of luck. Must be time for Dublin Gig! 😀

Mucho éxito secret garden!

Waiting for my ticket. See you at Hangzhou. 👌

See you in Shenzhen next week!

Waiting for you in 🇸🇬!

A quand un concert à LYON en FRANCE !


Love your case.. prayers for traveling mercies.

Safe travels! Love you all ❤️

Thank you for inspiring me these years❤️Looking forward see you next time🎻🎻

Be safe and enjoy the trip!

See you in Shenzhen 👍🙏

See you in Taipei!!😁

Have a good trip ! 🌏✈️

It's so good to see you in Foshan tonight!

Where are you?😝😝

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