CD Cover Collection “You Raise Me Up” to be Released May 25th

We are delighted to let you all know that we are releasing a special new collection,“You Raise Me Up”, which will be released on 25th of May.

This new special collection “You Raise Me Up” includes three previously-unheard songs including a piano-only version of “Song From A Secret Garden” performed by Rolf, just like the way he used to play it before we made it into a duo with violin! as well as a brand new version of “I’ve Dreamed Of You” –the song that Barbra Streisand chose to perform at her own wedding.

We wanted to let you all know pre-release that you can pre-order the album now and receive a track from the new album at the same time – the original never-before-heard version of “You Raise Me Up” sung by the incredible Johnny Logan, the only act ever to win Eurovision twice.

Preorder/listen: HERE
You can also check out the lyric video of “You Raise Me Up”: HERE

Follow us in Spotify and we will share the story behind the iconic song and Johnny Logan: HERE

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