Behind-the-scenes Video from the Recording of “Strength”


We have now finalized 7 videos from the studio recording of ”Storyteller”. 

These are ”behind the scene videos” showing the recording process through its various stages. The different video clips are compiled and edited and synced to the mixed sound. Each of the seven videos have a brief intro, either from the preparations in the control room or the set-up in the studio.

Most of the footage is filmed by us privately – almost in a home style. For a few of the sessions we’ve had professional camera people filming the day-to-day studio recording without being staged, made-up or professionally lit.

The production started in June 2018. The camera follows the process session by session from the early stages in Kristiansand to the final orchestra sessions in Prague in September. Along the way, there are recording sessions in Dublin and London.

We’ve tried to document the way we work and just let the camera roll every day of the production. These videos are not of broadcast quality, but the lack of technical level is hopefully compensated by the realness to the scenes.

This is the first installment of the series of 7 Behind-the-scenes Video from the Recording of “Strength”

– View the video: HERE


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