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Posted June 11th, 1:33 pm

Secret Garden

Archie exploring new keyboard. Maybe a tune will happen some day !! ... See MoreSee Less

Archie exploring new keyboard. Maybe a tune will happen some day !!

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Aw so cute! When will we get a song named for him? 😉

Sound with the hound.

Your muse is walking the plank.

There is your next album cover right there


"Musique pour les chiens"? Music for dogs? :D

Maybe he’ll give you a tune that will become your next hit!

Posted May 28th, 1:53 pm

Secret Garden

Here's another song that's important to us - we talk about the inspiration behind the song The Voyage. Watch the whole video on YouTube ✨ ... See MoreSee Less

Posted May 24th, 12:23 pm

Secret Garden

Dear Friends, once again Nocturne, the song that kick-started our journey by winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway in 1995 ✨
whatch the whole video on YouTube:
... See MoreSee Less

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After long time heared this track... 😚☺

One of my favorites!

My introduction song.

Yep! Hopefully your journey Will never end! Cause you are a F A N T A S T I C duo! Enjoy your music very much! 👍😀

One of my favorites!

Wonderful 😃

My all time favorite Eurovision song! God bless you Fionnuala and Rolf 🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Always love listening this song as it is relaxing

Love it! ❤️

So much better & a class above more recent entries or winners. Maybe SG should try again?

You were the reason I began to love this country, the people and now the language. I saw you when I was young and I was amazed. I bought the CD and I started learning about your beautiful country. Now I speak a little just to feel Norwegian and I am still trying to. I visited once Oslo and I will come again. Thank you. Gratulerer!

Just beautiful 🎻💚

I would love to sing your song


Love it! ❤️


Una de mis preferidas 👏👏

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 . . .

Posted May 21st, 5:22 pm

Secret Garden

As this year's Eurovision has come to an end we look back at the iconic song Nocturne that marked the birth of Secret Garden in 1995 when we won the contest with that song. You can also watch the whole video on YouTube 📹 ... See MoreSee Less

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A lovely song.💟

1995 year. I remember, my Russia, but this song, later discover this duo. Magical music. In 1995 Russia present Filipp Kirkorov.

Put the Norwegian version of the song on Spotify plssss

💜 My absolutely favorite song❣️💜

Wonderful,wonderful music , thanks 👌✌️🎻

I still remember remember that year as it is lovely to listen and you are both very talented

My massage therapists played Nocturne while I was getting a massage and I was hooked forever! Thank you for your 🎶!❤️

Hello lovelies.... Beautiful words 😍

i love your music

Awesome you two!!!!!!!

When can meet your guys?

<3 <3 <3

Posted May 14th, 10:25 pm

Secret Garden

Happy days signing fir first time our new CD Storyteller 24 yrs this week after winning Eurovision #happymoment #jointheeurovisionparty #newreleases #signingday ... See MoreSee Less

Happy days signing fir first time our new CD Storyteller 24 yrs this week after winning Eurovision #happymoment #jointheeurovisionparty #newreleases #signingday

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Love listening to your music as I make handmade cards while I listening as it is lovely as I hope to get it sometime as I have been through a tough time,

Love your music. Wish you would come to Charlotte, NC.

Secret Garden is somewhat an extraordinary band with some Beautiful Enchanting Quality to its music, it is this way at least to me and I find a great liking and connection to all of your music. For me you 2 are legends and this music gives me a soul touching experience. Thanks!!

Good job , have the CD in the car < SUNSHINE... > 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️!!

My family loves your music!

I want a signed cd too.... pleazzzzzzz

I also want it.:(((((

Is it possible to order? Big hug🤗🤗❤️

My husband and I went to a concert of Secret Garden when you came to Sydney Australia years ago. Loved loved loved it.

I wish you could sign it to me here in Paris Thanks for all those years since 1995 bringing us the very best music...!

Congratulations on your new CD. Can’t wait to get it!

I want a signed CD! How can I get it?

I have ALL of your CD's ...LOVE the new one !

Ummm. Hi 👋 👋 How can I have it? Filled in loved your guy over 15 years. 🥰🥰

I want a signed cd too.... pleazzzzzzz

Love the CD




Skal kjøpe den❤elsker musikken, tekstene og framføringene❤



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