Fionnuala’s RTE “Sacred Night” Interview

Here is a link to our first radio interview in Ireland to promote our Christmas album “Sacred Night”.

In Fionnula’s words, “It was lovely to chat with the infamous Marty Whelan who hosts one of the most popular Irish radio shows ‘Marty In The Morning’ with his good humour and lovely music choice he sets up the country to start the day with a smile!”

“Sacred Night” – Full Album Digital and CD Release!

Our new album is out on all platforms!

“Sacred Night” with Cathrine Iversen & Secret Garden! Perhaps some of these songs will become new Christmas favourites and hopefully, a part of your future traditions. That would be a wish come true for us. 

This is the first time Secret Garden has made a Christmas album. The recording is a collaboration with Cathrine Iversen, who is the soloist on all songs. The Christmas songs are new, original songs by Rolf Løvland, except the 500-year old “I Know a Rose Tree”.

The album contains a mix of English and Norwegian lyrics. When Universal Music Norway learned about the album, they decided to release it internationally. “It feels surreal,” says Cathrine. “This started as a local Christmas project in my hometown without any plans of a recording. Now it’s being released throughout the world digitally and on CD!”


“Sacred Night” – Our 1st Christmas Album … Single release today

Dear Friends!

We are proud to announce our first ever Christmas album! “Sacred Night” is a very special collaboration with our long-time band member and friend Cathrine Iversen. The album is a collection of original music by Rolf Løvland and the 500-year-old favorite “I Know A Rose Tree”. The title track of the album, “Sacred Night” was released  Thursday, November 5th.

Listen to the single, “Sacred Night” – HERE

You can also Pre-Order the CD HERE !!

Strength – Homespun Lockdown Version

Last year we released ‘Strength’ on our album ‘Storyteller’. Somehow this song took on a new relevance in light of the challenging times we now find ourselves in.

Here is Espen Grotheim singing a stripped down, home version. Let’s be strong for each other.



New Release: 25th Anniversary of our Eurovision Win

Dear Friends!

We hope that you are all safe and managing to hold strong during this unprecedented time in history. We’ve decided that we won’t let it stand in the way of us celebrating triumphs in our lives. So, in that spirit, we have exciting news for you!

2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of our Eurovision win in 1995. So, we are celebrating with a new Secret Garden collection! “Nocturne: The 25th Anniversary Collection” is set for release next Friday, May 8th. The album will be a retrospective collection of our music, alongside new acoustic performances, and musical rarities.

Opening with and named after the plaintive, evocative Eurovision-winning ‘Nocturne’, the collection spans our whole career. Our music has always been about storytelling, ‘stories without words’ if you will. This collection tells a story that’s spanned 25 years.

The retrospective wouldn’t be complete without the original and first ever recording of “You Raise Me Up”, a song that we recorded for the first time with Brian Kennedy singing in 2001, and which now stands alongside over 1,000 others, in 40 different languages.

For us our music is all about chemistry. It’s as if we have our own invisible musical bond between the two of us, the band and you!! It’s always been like that from day one. We feel the 25th anniversary of that bond _is_ worth celebrating! … and we truly hope that you will celebrate with us.

Here’s the brand new solo piano version of our track “Adagio”

And, you can pre-order the album HERE


A Lock-Down Video Greeting From Secret Garden

Dear Friends,

We wanted to check in again with you in this uncertain and difficult time in the world. We’re all in this together and we need to take care of each other. All of us in Secret Garden felt that the way that we could best do our part was to send you some music to soothe your soul and raise your spirits! Remember, this too will pass.

It’ll be awhile until we can play concerts, but until then, here is our lock-down performance of “Flow” from each of our homes in Norway and Ireland.

We sincerely hope that our music can be positive force in your life “these days”. Enjoy, Stay Calm and Stay Safe!!

More Words to Our Fans in These Trying Times

Thank you to All of You, for the great responses you gave us to our video, “Reflection”, last week.
We were so inspired by you, that we decided to make a new video this week.

So, here is our ‘lock-down entertainment’ for you inspired by the season, “Serenade to Spring”.

To Our Fans in These Trying Times

We can’t travel and can’t perform during these strange times.
The only way to keep musical sanity is by sharing with you here cyber space.
We’ve recorded “Reflection” – Fionnuala in her home in Dublin and Rolf in his in Norway.
It’s the “Just the Two of Us” version – filmed on cell phones and edited into a little pastiche.

Enjoy and Stay Safe & Healthy and together we’ll make it through this. Rolf & Fionnuala

Words For Our Manager Barry Matheson

Dear Friends,

The following are personal letters from each of us to our dear but now departed manager Barry Matheson. We wanted to share them with you as he was, for over 20 years, as much an integral part of Secret Garden off-stage as we are on-stage.

Barry Matheson Fionnuala Sherry og Rolf Løvland. Foto: Tom Egil Jensen / VG / NTB

Fionnuala’s words

This month we made our final farewell to our manager, friend and partner Barry Matheson. Barry fought a long battle with cancer and his strength and determination helped to delay its outcome for the past 3 years.

As our manager for 21 years, Barry opened many doors and opportunities that we could never have imagined. Nothing was an obstacle for him and his huge belief in us and his amazing ability to never take no as an answer meant that we were the first Norwegian signed act to travel the globe as much as we have done. Everybody loved Barry and to travel with him was an experience in itself. By the time we would board our plane he already was on familiar names and terms with the ground staff, ensuring our very overweight baggage was on board! – and throughout the flights, his charm continued with the crew. On arrival, he would always know every detail of the local record company staff and promotion team just ensuring a safe and easy passage for us all.

Traveling with Barry was fun and hassle-free and still now when there have been flight delays or cancellations we wish we could call him as Barry could fix anything, and in the process was a soothing and caring presence that took all the stress away.

Apart from his natural charm Barry was incredibly well dressed for every occasion, Beautifully tailored suits, shirts pocket handkerchiefs with a briefcase full of any emergency items you might need. It was always lovely to watch him work a crowd or a reception, he could be spotted from afar as been the most well dressed and vivacious person in the room. He was so outgoing and fun that we could hide behind him when we were exhausted from performing.

As a friend and partner, there was nothing we could not call Barry about, and at any time of day or night 7 days a week, Barry never switched off – he was always there for us. When my father died in 1996 it seemed that Barry quietly stepped into that role, guiding me throughout the years, being at the other end of the phone whenever I needed to talk, being a mentor and best friend. For my 40th birthday, Barry bought me a diamond bracelet, which I treasured so much and wore it continuously. So much so that due to wear and tear it eventually broke and I had it remodeled into my now wedding eternity ring. I love that wedding ring which is a constant reminder of Barry, and a lovely comfort and memory every morning when I put it on.

Barry understood the importance of family and relationships enjoying his time with his amazing wife Berit, siblings, children and grandchildren all that he was so proud of. He encouraged me always to have time with my family and kept up with the minutiae of all of our everyday lives even though he had such a busy schedule.

Barry was very much recognized as a hugely important influential person within the Norwegian Music industry not to mind his chair role of Rotary International, that it’s hard to believe he could also be our partner and manager in Secret Garden. His capacity was endless.
For us to lose Barry after all these years is like a wheel has come off.
He was our partner, best friend and manager and his loss is immense.
He has gone but will never be forgotten.

Bless you Barry and Thank you.


Rolf’s Words

We’ve always been close to Barry – nearly every day for two decades. He was the “total” manager caring about every aspect of our professional lives – and far beyond. Maybe the past couple of years, after Barry retired due to illness, I realized how much I depended on him. His knowledge and experience were priceless; his energy and ambition inspired us to be our best; his respect for everyone and his gentleman-like demeanor always made us proud of him. So we realized more than ever how dear he was to us when he was no longer there.

Last year we released our album ‘Storyteller’ and in the booklet, we wrote a special dedication:

”A special thank you to Barry Matheson for being our manager for the past 20 years. It’s been a journey of extraordinary guidance and fatherly care for us – both professionally and personally – now coming to an end by this album. We can never thank you enough. We dedicate this album to you with our deepest gratitude and love”.

Thank you from bottom of my heart Barry,
Rest in Peace.


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Posted March 19th, 12:29 pm

Secret Garden

On this day March 19th we celebrate #WorldSleepDay – a global call to action about the importance of sound sleep habits.
We are thrilled to participate in a very special collection of peaceful music with a new piano version of Sleepsong.
We wish you all a peaceful weekend 🌙

Listen here:
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It's a beautiful world.
It's nature.
Beautiful idea.
I think it's a person's mind.
You're pretty.
World Music Love

I have just listenened to Rolf‘s piano-only version of Sleepsong several times. Really beautiful❣️ Any plans to make the sheet music available?

Lindo demais! A alma voa …

Very nice .Rolf is a genius.

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Posted March 17th, 1:38 pm

Secret Garden

Dear Friends

With the year that has gone by there is a huge and necessary interest in mental health and well-being. On March 19th we celebrate World Sleep Day – an international awareness event about the importance of healthy sleep. We are delighted to participate in a special record release this day which is a compilation of many artists providing a peaceful soundtrack that will help us drift off to dreamland. We felt our song “Sleepsong” was the perfect fit for this project and Rolf has recorded a brand new piano version. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Here is a little greeting from Rolf himself where he tells us more about this very special song. Enjoy!

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Your Music is a Great Lighthouse for Everyone. A lot of many yours peaces shine about Love, Peace for all the World. We feel Emotions, Dreaming anche Hope for a better Life. <3

Much love sound this like

Hello! I would love to submit a song to this project! So you know where can i send it? Thank you!😘

My favourite song for all time 🎵🎶☘💚

Thank you so much, Rolf!

Love to see you #Sir 🎵😊🌻🙏🙏🙏🌸🌺🌼 take Care!

I’ve been hearing sleep song since years..
Much love and adulation to both of u.
Dr jai vora,mumbai,INDIA.

Cantoluna would be also a perfect "sleepsong", i listen to it before i go to sleep…

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Posted December 27th, 10:31 am

Secret Garden

Dear Friends, we have a special project to share with you; a documentary about the making of "Sacred Night". This is the background story of the album, the writing process and the recording. Cathrine, Fionnuala and Rolf share their personal footage from the studio sessions linked with their own words.
You can watch the whole documentary on our YouTube channel:

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This in my very favorite CD! I have all of yours, but this one is truly outstanding ! I play it all year round ! ❤️❤️❤️

The magic you always bring us assures that new Christmas music can indeed be written and warmly welcomed into the repertoire. The chemistry the three of you have is of pure heart and is always a blessing. ❤️

Thank you so much for sharing this very special documentary. I love it! Amazing to see how every puzzle piece was put together, especially with the difficult conditions we have had during this covid year with its lock downs and the necessity of keeping distance. Jeg må si at julesangene deres er et av de sterkeste lys som skinner i mørketiden i år! I feel much respect, gratitude and love for what you are doing. Each one of you is gifted with so much talent. I am very happy for you that «Sacred Night» was chosen the most beautiful Christmas album of the year in Norway! Take care, stay healthy and keep on making music for us!

This is my favorite Secret Garden recording. Christmas is over, but I can't stop listening to Sacred Night!

After a long time of waiting, the CD finally arrived home. It's a great job. And it would have been even better if a DVD had been included with the videos of the recordings and the documentary. I would have gladly bought it.

I like your musik, I am working on a filmproject about Th. Kittelsen. Why has he been neglected so much in Norwegian cultur history!?.. I have written a spillefilmmanus about him. He lived a difficult life, and I want to to tell his Story!… When i hear your music, i see Th, Mikkelsen! Can we work together?

Just an absolutely beautiful CD …every song is special & brings tears to my eyes …I just live Secret Garden !

It IS indeed possible to create new Christmas masterpieces when you are as talented as the entire Secret Garden group. Amazing music….always! Love from Denmark…

I'm awestruck by the amount of talent that went into the creation and production of this magnificent CD. It is a joy to listen to and will be played year round in my home. Thank you Secret Garden for this timeless masterpiece.

Beautiful, simply timeless . Thank you x

When is this going to be available in the UK from Amazon?

Nydelig sang 🌸🎵. Nydelig musikk 🌺🎵😀. Rolf, Fionnuala og hele gjengen 💌🎄🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

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Sekarang, selama Anda memiliki ponsel, Anda dapat bekerja paruh waktu
Pengoperasian sederhana, selama Anda dapat mengoperasikan telepon dan menonton video
Anda bisa mendapatkan Rp 18.000-Rp 300.000 setiap hari
Jika Anda tertarik, Anda dapat menambahkan saya whatsapp ‪+62 838‑5313‑8823‬

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Posted December 22nd, 11:59 am

Secret Garden

Two days left until Christmas! We hope our new album creates the perfect backdrop to your preparations. With warm greetings from both of us and Cathrine Iversen Official
Listen to "Sacred Night" here:

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Two days left until Christmas! We hope our new album creates the perfect backdrop to your preparations. With warm greetings from both of us and Cathrine Iversen Official ❤ Listen to Sacred Night here:

Comment on Facebook

Lovely album ! Thank you for this wonderful music. Cathrine has such a beautiful voice too ! ❤🌲🌠🙏

It certainly is, thank you arrived in time on Christmas Eve. It’s wonderful, simply beautiful. Thank you. ❤️

Amo as músicas de vocês. Venham para o Brasil.

Fikk den i postkassa idag..gleder meg til og høre på den.😊

Beautiful music, always! 🎶 My favorite music group! 🥰
😊 Holidays!
😊 & Healthy
New Year!

Sacred Night is the perfect Christmas gift thank you; Have a truly wonderful & safe Christmas. The worlds starts again next year.

It’s been sooo great for me that you released this when you did. Been working hard on my new album. You were recording Storyteller at the exact same I was recording Red Sky Prairie. As all things SG are my main influences, having Sacred Night with me now is the extra inspiration I needed ❤️❤️

I have all of their CDs. Thank you for your beautiful music and Catherine is my favorite soloist that sings with you. Just what the doctor ordered during these times of social distancing. God Bless you all & Merry Christmas

I listened to it driving to work – and back home again. Great album

The Album is wonderful !!! 🙏❣️🌟🎄 Merry Christmas! 🤗

Happy Holiday 🎅🤶🎄🎁

It would if I had it but still having no luck with Amazon UK. Maybe next Christmas?

Lovely album 👍

Nydeleg fin cd.God jul. 🌟👍🎅❤


just got mine!

Merry Christmas 🎄

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Posted December 20th, 12:21 pm

Secret Garden

Here’s a video about ‘I Know a Rose Tree’. We first recorded it in 1998 and then revived the recording of this 500year old song for this album. You can enjoy the whole song on our YouTube channel:
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Comment on Facebook

I was listeing Song From A Secret Garden and Adagio. Thanks for theses two songs … thanks for exist.
It was like to be born again. (sorry my english)

This song is also in German. Not sure where it originated, but its name is: "Es ist ein Rose entsprungen." English: "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming." I remember this song very well from when I was in my high school's chorus and Madrigal singers. I sang the Alto part. 😀

Your new christmas album is fabulous. Thank you so much ❤️





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