Nocturne – The 25th Anniversary Collection

Nocturne – The 25th Anniversary Collection

Year: 2020
Universal Music Norway

 Opening with and named after the plaintive, evocative Eurovision-winning ‘Nocturne’, this career-spanning collection showcases the magical melodies that happen when Rolf Lovland’s piano compositions and Fionnuala Sherry’s violin virtuosity meld together in perfect harmony. “To me, our music is always storytelling,” says Lovland. “That’s why I call it ‘stories without words’.”

The retrospective includes “You Raise Me Up”, the song first recorded with the duo in 2001, and which now stands alongside over 1,000 others, in 40 different languages – and Rolf and Fionnuala’s rendition remains the very original.

“It’s all about chemistry,” says Sherry. “He writes for me, I play for him – it’s as if we have our own invisible musical bond, and it’s always been like that from day one.”.

At first, the duo’s mid-Nineties collaborations were turned down by nearly every major label. But Polygram Norway’s MD secretary at the time, who became so enchanted by the demos, persuaded him to reconsider and eventually give them their first deal. “We were signed at the insistence of the company’s secretary,” recalls Lovland. “Nocturne” was then selected as the Norwegian entry for Eurovision ‘by the smallest of margins’ and went on to win the 1995 contest in Dublin – exactly 25 years ago this month.

That set the standard for their unusual marriage of Irish and Nordic influences, and their career took off in earnest. Since their 1996 debut album ‘Songs From A Secret Garden’, their music has spread slowly around the world, helped by novel marketing campaigns (in the USA they were promoted in bookshops) that connected with an entirely new market, and would see the couple grow to become one of the world’s most successful instrumental acts – with multiple
platinum discs to their name, and career streams now standing at an extraordinary 2.2 billion. For Rolf and Fionnuala, the appeal of Secret Garden remains that listeners do not need an education in classical music to understand their unique musical language. “I feel I can tell a story – beginning, middle and end – without words,” says Fionnuala. “Because of that we don’t have a language problem.

“I think it’s an emotional thing,” adds Rolf. “And that’s the essence of all music.”



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Posted December 27th, 9:31 am

Secret Garden

Dear Friends, we have a special project to share with you; a documentary about the making of "Sacred Night". This is the background story of the album, the writing process and the recording. Cathrine, Fionnuala and Rolf share their personal footage from the studio sessions linked with their own words.
You can watch the whole documentary on our YouTube channel:
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Nydelig sang 🌸🎵. Nydelig musikk 🌺🎵😀. Rolf, Fionnuala og hele gjengen 💌🎄🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

It IS indeed possible to create new Christmas masterpieces when you are as talented as the entire Secret Garden group. Amazing music….always! Love from Denmark…

The magic you always bring us assures that new Christmas music can indeed be written and warmly welcomed into the repertoire. The chemistry the three of you have is of pure heart and is always a blessing. ❤️

Beautiful, simply timeless . Thank you x

Just an absolutely beautiful CD …every song is special & brings tears to my eyes …I just live Secret Garden !

When is this going to be available in the UK from Amazon?

This in my very favorite CD! I have all of yours, but this one is truly outstanding ! I play it all year round ! ❤️❤️❤️

I'm awestruck by the amount of talent that went into the creation and production of this magnificent CD. It is a joy to listen to and will be played year round in my home. Thank you Secret Garden for this timeless masterpiece.

Thank you so much for sharing this very special documentary. I love it! Amazing to see how every puzzle piece was put together, especially with the difficult conditions we have had during this covid year with its lock downs and the necessity of keeping distance. Jeg må si at julesangene deres er et av de sterkeste lys som skinner i mørketiden i år! I feel much respect, gratitude and love for what you are doing. Each one of you is gifted with so much talent. I am very happy for you that «Sacred Night» was chosen the most beautiful Christmas album of the year in Norway! Take care, stay healthy and keep on making music for us!

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Posted December 22nd, 10:59 am

Secret Garden

Two days left until Christmas! We hope our new album creates the perfect backdrop to your preparations. With warm greetings from both of us and Cathrine Iversen Official
Listen to "Sacred Night" here:
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Two days left until Christmas! We hope our new album creates the perfect backdrop to your preparations. With warm greetings from both of us and Cathrine Iversen Official ❤ Listen to Sacred Night here:

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Lovely album 👍

Beautiful music, always! 🎶 My favorite music group! 🥰
😊 Holidays!
😊 & Healthy
New Year!

just got mine!

Lovely album ! Thank you for this wonderful music. Cathrine has such a beautiful voice too ! ❤🌲🌠🙏

Amo as músicas de vocês. Venham para o Brasil.

I have all of their CDs. Thank you for your beautiful music and Catherine is my favorite soloist that sings with you. Just what the doctor ordered during these times of social distancing. God Bless you all & Merry Christmas

It would if I had it but still having no luck with Amazon UK. Maybe next Christmas?

It certainly is, thank you arrived in time on Christmas Eve. It’s wonderful, simply beautiful. Thank you. ❤️

It’s been sooo great for me that you released this when you did. Been working hard on my new album. You were recording Storyteller at the exact same I was recording Red Sky Prairie. As all things SG are my main influences, having Sacred Night with me now is the extra inspiration I needed ❤️❤️

The Album is wonderful !!! 🙏❣️🌟🎄 Merry Christmas! 🤗

I listened to it driving to work – and back home again. Great album

Fikk den i postkassa idag..gleder meg til og høre på den.😊

Sacred Night is the perfect Christmas gift thank you; Have a truly wonderful & safe Christmas. The worlds starts again next year.

Nydeleg fin cd.God jul. 🌟👍🎅❤

Merry Christmas 🎄

Happy Holiday 🎅🤶🎄🎁

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Posted December 20th, 11:21 am

Secret Garden

Here’s a video about ‘I Know a Rose Tree’. We first recorded it in 1998 and then revived the recording of this 500year old song for this album. You can enjoy the whole song on our YouTube channel: See MoreSee Less

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I was listeing Song From A Secret Garden and Adagio. Thanks for theses two songs … thanks for exist.
It was like to be born again. (sorry my english)

This song is also in German. Not sure where it originated, but its name is: "Es ist ein Rose entsprungen." English: "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming." I remember this song very well from when I was in my high school's chorus and Madrigal singers. I sang the Alto part. 😀




Your new christmas album is fabulous. Thank you so much ❤️

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Posted December 17th, 10:20 pm

Secret Garden

Delivery problems.

For those of you who are frustrated about the CD delivery we can only apologise.
We have contacted our distributor in the US who is aware of the problem.
The problem lies with the postal services that seem to be slowed down.
Due to covid and US election many businesses have been disrupted.
We fully understand the frustration, but it seems that there is little we can do to alleviate the problem.

We really hope, for all of you who have ordered the “Sacred Night” CD, that this will be resolved as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, we hope you’ll listen to the new album digitally on Spotify or one of the other providers.

We’re so sorry!🙏🏼

Fionnuala & Rolf See MoreSee Less

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Thanks, Trump!

Amazon UK dont have a delivery date at present☹

Alguien sabe donde puedo comprar uno? Con envío a México

Is this true of your book too? Mine was supposed to arrive 2 days ago and tracking just says delivery is delayed. I can’t wait to get it!!

It seems to accelerate. Scheduled for December 29th, the CD was delivered today.

Ordered three via Amazon and had them within a week, enjoying it very much.

I pre ordered it from Amazon UK and am wondering if I’ll get it in time for Christmas 2021.

I purchased the CD in November and haven't received it yet.

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Posted December 16th, 11:08 pm

Secret Garden

CD signing for the Norwegian market today. Missed Fionnuala due to travel restrictions. Universal Music Norge, Platekompaniet, #sacrednight See MoreSee Less

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This is the best Christmas album of the year! Looping it for so many times, really beautiful!!!



I just love that song! "Es ist ein Rose entsprungen" ("Lo, how a rose e'er blooming") I sang that many years ago in my high school chorus and Madrigal singers. <3 <3 <3

Secret Garden: 🎶 my favorite musical group! 🥰

Eu quero kkkkk

I love Secret Garden and I’m thrilled to hear you have a new Album.

Lucky you to all those that got this. Feel thoroughly let down as ordered CD on 26th Nov and estimated delivery time keeps changing and is now after Christmas. Really poor distribution. Had to cancel order. Disappointed ! 😕

How is it possible to get the CD in Europe?? I can only find delivery from the U.S. – that can't be true, can it? Been trying to get it for weeks 🙁

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