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– the collection

Year: 2018
Universal Music Norway

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The very best secrets are too good to keep to ourselves – we are compelled to share them. Which explains how Secret Garden have spread their music to all corners of the globe, enchanting audiences with melodies that bewitch, beguile and becalm the troubled soul.

Over two decades together, the Irish-Norwegian neo-classical duo of Rolf Løvland and Fionnuala Sherry have sold millions of records and amassed a trophy cabinet containing 113 platinum discs.

More – much more – than that, they have soundtracked the lives of families from Dublin to Denver and Bergen to Beijing, filling their hearts with joy and sadness, solace and comfort. That’s something that cannot be measured in sales figures.

Secret Garden’s career-spanning collection ‘You Raise Me Up: The Collection’ showcases the magical melodies that happen when Rolf’s piano compositions and Fionnuala’s violin playing come together in perfect harmony.

The retrospective includes ‘Nocturne’, the song that kick-started their journey by winning the Eurovision Song Contest in Ireland – for Norway – in 1995, and ‘You Raise Me Up’, the most-covered song of the 21st century.

But there’s far more to Secret Garden than those two songs. For a start, most of their other tunes are instrumental, the inspired combination of Rolf and Fionnuala’s “songs without words” that have enchanted devoted admirers all over the world.

A glance through the testimonials on YouTube tells the remarkable story of the emotional impact Secret Garden has made on people of all ages in every corner of the planet. Young mothers have used it to lull their babies to sleep. Sick children have found it eases their pain. Couples have fallen in love and married to it. Older people have used it to keep loneliness at bay. It’s even a popular choice at funerals.

What unites them all is the emotional tug of melodies that take the listener on a journey to a place deep in their heart. For one person that might be a spiritual voyage, for others it is a personal odyssey. “To me, our music is always storytelling,” says Rolf. 

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