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Winter Poem Sheet Music Book

Instrument: Piano/Vocal/Chords
Version: Piano/Vocal/Violin

Music makers who are fans of new instrumental duo Secret Garden will be delighted with the arrangements in this songbook, which make each track from their 2011 Winter Poem album playable on the piano. Transcriptions of key violin and vocal passages appear on additional staves above the piano part where appropriate, and chord symbols and complete lyrics are also included. The duo who brought us unforgettable songs like “You Raise Me Up” and “Nocturne” has created yet another masterpiece full of beautiful instrumental pieces and vocal features. Titles: Make a Wish * Song for a New Beginning * The Dream * Frozen in Time * Anticipation * Fionnuala’s Cookie Jar * Mary’s Lament * Song at the End of the Day * Lament for a Frozen Flower * Powered by Nature * Suite.





Earthsongs Sheet Music Book

All arrangements in the Earthsongs sheet music book are by Rolf Lovland.
Like all the other four books following the CDs – the arrangements are done as duo arrangements for violin and piano. In addition, there are 4 vocal songs on the album, including “Raise Your Voices” for choir. Fionnuala Sherry has edited the violin parts and she’s included her own personal bowing and ornament suggestions.

– Suitable for amateur as well as professional musicians.




Once in a Red Moon Sheet Music Book

The book contains all titles from the album arranged for violin and piano by Rolf Lovland with violin parts edited by Fionnuala Sherry. Chord symbols have also been added.






Dawn of a New Century Sheet Music Book

  •  for Violin & Piano incl. choir arrangements, vocal selections
  • for Eb Tenor Horn/Tuba & Piano
  • for Alto saxophone & piano
  • for Tenor Saxophone & Piano
  • for Trumpet or Clarinet & Piano
  • for French Horn & Piano
  • for Flute or Oboe & Piano
  • for Trombone / Baritone B.C. & Piano




White Stones Sheet Music Book

It is with great pleasure we announce that the complete selection of music from White Stones is now available in printed music. The 70 page book contains all titles from the album arranged for piano and violin by Rolf Lovland. Chord symbols are also included. The violin parts are edited by Fionnuala Sherry.

– Suitable for amateur as well as professional musicians.




Songs From A Secret Garden Sheet Music Book

The complete selection of music from Songs from a Secret Garden is now available in printed music. The 52 page book contains new duo arrangements for violin and piano by Rolf Lovland and edited violin parts by Fionnuala Sherry. The choir arrangement for “Sigma” is also included. All arrangements include additional chord symbols.

– Suitable for amateur as well as professional musicians.




Secret Garden “Collection” Sheet Music Book

Instrument: Piano/Vocal/Chords
Version: Piano/Vocal/Chords

Selected works from Secret Garden’s five best-selling albums. Titles are: Nocturne * Song from a Secret Garden * Serenade to Spring * Papillion * Heartstrings * Adagio * Ode to Simplicity * Hymn to Hope * Reflection * Sanctuary * In Our Tears * Divertimento * Aquarell * You Raise Me Up * The Promise * Belonging * Once in a Red Moon * Elegie * Dreamcatcher * I’ve Dreamed of You.




Secret Garden Collage Sheet Music Book

COLLAGE is an arrangement for solo piano based on 3 previously released Secret Garden pieces. The Opening – HOME – is taken from the White Stones album. The middle part – ATLANTA originates from Songs from a Secret Garden, and the final par – AWAKENING – is adapted from Once in a Red Moon. Apart from -HOME- the pieces were originally composed for violin and piano.



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Posted May 27th, 10:57 am

Secret Garden

Get the story behind Dreamcatcher! The whole performance can be found on our YouTube channel 🌙✨ See MoreSee Less

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Fionnuala Sherry – She just finished her last breast cancer treatment on Thursday. She is the most superb violinist but the Irish call it fiddling😊 I’ve “fiddled” many times in my life but somehow it never ends with a beautiful symphony of music. May she continue to represent Ireland and Dublin with her ever lasting

Love this song and often play it to fall asleep to.

A real Ray Of Light <3

Posted May 22nd, 9:10 am

Secret Garden

We look back at the iconic tune Nocturne from 1995… 🙌 See MoreSee Less

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Love EVERYTHING from Secret Garden

Eu escolhi esta música para me despertar para o trabalho, sempre às 5h da manhã. Acordo leve, tranquila e de bom humor. Linda voz, harmonia.

This is another of my favorites!

Very beautiful song 💖

Admirable!Then AND Now!

what, secret garden?

Yo los sigo desde hace muchos años , su música es maravillosa y este video espectacular.
El álbum de los 25 años hay que tenerlo

Me encanta esa gente. Son excelentes



I worked on this video doing the makeup for Fionnula and Rolf 💚 I remember it like yesterday as we worked throughout the night with all the beautiful animals 🦉🦊 just wonderful memories💚

I love Nocturne, since the first time I heard it. The song has an indescribable sensitivity. Thank you Secret Garden 🎶🎵🎼🎹🎻💓💗❤

I grew to love your music and songs at 14 years old! I remember buying your 'Songs from a Secret Garden' CD after winning a CD shop coupon from my school's wisdom challenge contest. 20 years on, 'Serenade to Spring is still my favourite soundtrack along with a handful of later productions that have given me inspiration in poetry writing! Thank you so much, Fionnuala and Rolf for leading me through your magical journey from my teens into adulthood! ❤🧡❤🧡❤🧡

Sailing any Norwegian fjord, listening to this song, becomes a unique experience. I did.🙂👍

This is one of my very favorite songs! I love it!

This music simply brings me JOY. Joy to my ears, through my brain, and into my heart.

He is one of my favorite songs

Love this 💕💕

I only get 5 seconds of this video. Then it starts again! 🤔

Yes, the Norwegian version should be added to Spotify and other digital platforms as soon as possible, Secret Garden when will you do it?

Please add this Norwegian version of Nocturne to Spotify!

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Posted May 20th, 9:34 am

Secret Garden

Here’s a little video about Hymn To Hope. You can enjoy the whole song on our YouTube channel: See MoreSee Less

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Specially for these sads times 😔

Thanks guys 🎻🎹😉

Love everything the two of you do!!! I am Norwegian and i worked as a tour guide for Italian groups in Scandinavia and i always played your CD"S in the bus. I think each and every Italian went home with one or more of them. My favorite music!!

Thats how i found them. Our tour guide Daniel Ferro in 2005 kept playing their Earthsongs Cd in the bus while we did a tour round eastern USA😃

Balm for the soul.

Love you !

I love


I fell in love with your music today. Thank you from my heart. I have been a singer/songwriter for 48 years. May I sen you a copy of one of my songs as a thank you? Paul Skyland❤️😊

Your music touch my heart you are best violinist ever 🎻🎻❤️

Beautiful song

Fabulous Piece 🎻🎹🎶

Absolutely beautiful

So beautiful ❤️


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Posted May 18th, 6:21 pm

Secret Garden

Looking forward to catching up with Mairead, best friends forever!Hi Everyone! Tune in today for Máiréad Mondays! 3pm EST on Facebook Youtube LIVE ! My special guest today is the fabulous Fionnuala Sherry, violinist of Secret Garden & a beautiful performance with Fionnuala & Rolf Lovland for the Eurovision Home Concerts! See you then! 💚🎻💗 See MoreSee Less

Looking forward to catching up with Mairead, best friends forever!

Comment on Facebook

Perfect duo <3

Didn’t get the notice until late my time but watched afterwards and thank you. I didn’t know of you and now I have one more great artist to add to my Irish connections. Something in my dna hears the music of Ireland and I wish to explore it more. Most of my heritage died during the famine but alas I’m here and now have two lovely, strong Irish woman such as myself (although I have no music talent, but a great appreciation). As a professor I am the ying to your lovely yang and both my Collies agree with me 😄

Good day! How cute friend'picture! Happy days to you nice Secret Garden aind hugs from maria'

Perfect friends ❤️❤️❤️

Yay!!! ❤️❤️❤️

How do we access?

Where can we find you?

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Posted May 16th, 8:28 pm

Secret Garden

Since it’s a quarter of a century since we won the ESC, we’ve put together a home version of ‘Nocturne’. It’s still a nice memory for us. This was produced for the online event Eurovision Home Concerts. See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Absolutely Perfect!! Such a joy to hear Nocturne again and such a treat to see you both ‘up close and personal’ and each note so beautifully played 💐💐 Thank you xx

Thank you so much! It's my favorite song. So happy to hear it.❤🧡💛💚💜💙 from Québec Canada.

Sublime !!! Charming !!!! Thank you Fionnuala 🎻, Thank you Rolf 🎹, Thank you Secret Garden 🎶🎵🎼, for the generosity in giving us this song, which continues to involve our soul and our hearts. 🇧🇷 I'm very happy to hear Nocturne and see how you are doing in Fionnuala, how exciting your smile is. 🌹😘 Stay in peace and take care 🙌🙏💓💗❤💐

Happy Constitution Day, Rolf! Beautiful rendition, Rolf & Fi!

I listen to your beautiful music every day. Nocturne will always be special ❤️

Since you won the ESC we fall asleep to your music every night. Playlist from all your records. It is so soothing and calming to the soul!! 💕💕💕

First time I came across your music was on ESC 25 years ago. You made me dream, travel and believe in magic with this song in particular. You still do. Wrote my first short story to the sound of Nocturne. Fell in love with other songs from your albums but this one will always be the One! ❤ from Portugal.

Love your music! This is one of my favorites. Thank you for playing this again! ♥️ greetings from Sri Lanka (a.k.a ceylon) ! 🇱🇰

Absolutely beautiful! This song got me hooked on Secret Garden forever 💕

OMG this was and always is so deeply moving and emotional and no one could make it sound like that but only you two. I find myself so totally immersed and lost in time and space. You both create magic and I feel so lucky to have found you and your music. Thank you ❤❤ XX

Stunningly beautiful, always send shivers around my body, thank you. ❤️❤️

That was when I discovered Secret Garden and a new era of music opened up to me. Thank you guys! 🎻🎹❤️

Can’t get enough of your wonderful music… thank you so much!!❤️🙏

I love your music! This is one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing from your homes during this time of COVID! 💖

One of my favourites! Thank you so much for sharing this!
Much Love! ♥️

In my opinion, it's an excellent and relaxing performance. Thank you.

I still have a video recording of Nocturne I made on the night you won😊

Congratulations to you and Rolf Fionnuala Sherry🎻Really enjoyed that , it’s as wonderful now as it was 25 years ago. Timeless beautiful music, just like you Fi💗😘

Ohhh very beautiful you are great artist.. Can get your any Cd and photos and autograph!?? Please you lot greetings from Croatia

Always enchanting ! Thank you Rolf & Fionnuala !

So beautiful. Thank you! ❤️ You should have been a part of yesterday’s show Europe Shine a Light. 💞

I love that song! Thank you so much for sharing it! From Vermont USA.

That was the day ye guys opened up a brand new Music Chapter in my life.
Thank You both

the best one ever , i cant help my self stop playing that music ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Thank you again for this beautiful melody. It is heavenly..❤

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