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Posted September 7th, 3:38 pm

Secret Garden

After wonderful recording sessions in Norway, Dublin and London, we finally had the privilege to top it off in Prague with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. A month of Rolf’s orchestral arrangements finally came to fruition with 61 amazing symphonic players in one of the best studios in Europe. A well organised production team with Fionnuala producing the sessions,Roald Raasberg and Marcus Bergquist as sound engineers, Cathrine Iversen as the production manager and Rolf conducting the orchestra. Everything ran smoothly. Four sessions with strings, woodwinds and brass marked the finale of the recording. The next and final step will be the mix in Sanden Studio in Kristiansand over the next month.

”Orchestral sessions are always exhausting. The constant pressure, the strict time table and the intensity leads to many sleepless nights. But it’s also the most rewarding part of a recording. The energy of 61 musicians playing your music for the first time and giving life to your ideas, is amazing. You forget all the hard work, and after 17 hours of conducting your left with a feeling of gratitude and respect. So thank you all you brilliant musicians for playing with your hearts and giving your talents and dedication to our project”
- Rolf

”This orchestra is wonderful. They are so professional and used to recording sessions and touring. Last year they toured with Enio Moricone and Hans Zimmer. It was such a joy to work with them for the second time after our Winter Poem recording in 2011”
- Fionnuala
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i ll wait your news album

Can’t wait!

Fantastic, can't wait the new album 💜💜

Secret Garden you are the best !!!

Wonderful people..God bless <3

When are you coming to Dublin PLEASE... and where?? 💟 looking forward to your new Album

I am so glad I live in a world where your memorable music is available. Secret Garden music is my every day dream come true!

Impatient to hear these new songs....

Patiently waiting 🙂X

Eagerly awaiting release!

Música para el alma. Cuando sale el nuevo álbum???

Looking forward 😍

Looking forward to this new album.


I’m SO excited for this album!!!!! Love you, guys ❤️

It's always so exciting while we're waiting for new releases❣

Como me gusta este grupo. Son muy grandes.

I’m listening to your music right now. I love it. It is truly beautiful music.

Wow. Musician arms must be so muscular haha

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Posted September 1st, 1:08 am

Secret Garden

Recording session in Master Chord Studio in London today🎶 Today’s prosjekt was one of the vocal songs- featuring Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir with Tracey Campbell. It’s was fabulous to work with her again- this time in her natural gospel environment🎶🎤 Mark Wilkinson from Universal came to the session. Great to see him again! 🙏🏼🌸 ... See MoreSee Less


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Good luck

Omg London please do a concert over here I love everything about secret garden ❤️

Thank you for your wonderful music! I absolutely adore your work ❤️❤️❤️

Posted August 31st, 12:31 am

Secret Garden

Another great day of recording in Camden Recording Studios. We had the privilege to work with Robbie Harries (bodrán) and Brian Kennedy, who recorded one of our new songs- always a great pleasure🙏🏼 We also recorded with The Line Up Choir- great fun! It’s great to travel with the original production team: Roald Råsberg (sound engineer) and Cathrine Iversen (singer and production manager)😃 Looking forward to recording in London tomorrow! Stay tuned 🎶 ... See MoreSee Less


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So looking forward to hearing some new music from my favourite performers! 😄😄👍👍

I look forward to your enchanting music CD. Good luck ❤👍

I am so looking forward to your new magical, enchanting music CD. Yeah!

i wish i could hang out with you guys and play some music 🙂 can’t wait for the new music.

Para mí es un placer escuchar su música que no personal me da una paz la tranquilidad inmensa cerca Garden eres mi favorita Te mando un fuerte abrazo y un beso soy una mexicana que te admira mucho Ojalá en un tiempo tuvieras la oportunidad de venir a México y con gusto yo iría a verte y aplaudir te porque eres lo mejor de lo mejor con tu violín


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